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La Union March
Composer: Mr. Conrado Estonactoc
Oh, La Union Fair, La Union dear
My Province that I love so true with care
Thy sons and daughters sing
Thy glorious beauty pure and fair
With hope so fond and tender memories
We will defend and stand for all your right
Hark! We will all fight
And back you up with all our might.
Onward La Union dear
Your faithful sons and daughters say
All for unity with truth and loyalty
Oh province of my heart
La Union place of love that lasts
So unto the march
Because we all love you so much

After Cebu became the first provincia in 1565, new provinces have been created by the Spaniards. Three main functions were considered so: political-civil administration, ecclesiastical governance and geographical considerations.
For more than two and one-half centuries, the original Ilokos province remained intact until 1818 when it split into Ilokos Norte and Ilokos Sur. In 1846, Abra was created by Governor General Narciso Zaldua Claveria.
Governor General Claveria was a visionary administrator. He believed that combining three contiguous areas that are far from their respective provincial capitals was a viable solution to the demands of political-civil administration. He also saw the territory’s agricultural and commercial growth potentials. And the kicker was the extension of Hispanic civilization and Christianity to the area. Bangar, Namacpacan and Balaoan in the southern portion of Ilokos Sur was quite a distance from the cabezera of Vigan and in almost like manner, Sto. Tomas, Agoo, Aringay, Caba, Bauang, Naguilian, San Fernando, San Juan and Bacnotan were that far from Pangasinan’s capital of Lingayen. The 40-45 rancherias in the depths of Central Cordillera of the Benguet district bordered by the three Ilokos Sur towns and the nine of Pangasinan have even worse problems.
Thus on October 29, 1849, Governor General Claveria signed the proposal (promovido) to unite the Pangasinan-Ilokos-Cordillera areas into a new province called La Union (the official name designated by Claveria himself). For 124 days, high and important Spanish colonial officers studied and deliberated on the proposition to create La Union or not. On March 2, 1850, Governor General Antonio Maria Blanco signed the Superior Decreto that founded La Union – the 34th province since the founding of Cebu in 1565. It was classified as a political-military government (gobierno politico-militar). Blanco appointed on March 4, 1850 Captain Toribio Ruiz de la Escalera (Claveria’s former trusted aide de camp) as the first Gobernador Military y Politico. La Union is the union of lands, people, cultures and resources. On April 18, 1854, Queen Isabella II of Spain issued the royal decree (real orden) from Madrid confirming Blanco’s Superior Decreto.

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